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Gaels Past & Present - Martin Harvey

Martin Harvey looks back on his time in Blue & White

1. First memory of the club -

I remember waiting with all the lads from Parnell Park, Stapleton Place and Dublin Street for Joe McNally on Hill Street Bridge and heading for the College to train. I also remember standing in a line waiting my turn for Niall Craven to throw the ball for us to catch and then running back to the end of the line to do it again.

2. Biggest GAA influence -

Danny Culligan was always around when I was playing and deserves a lot of credit. I enjoyed playing under Paul Lynch and JP O'Kane. Off the pitch there are so many to mention, special mention to Tony Coleman and Nobby Garland RIP.

3. Worst trainer -

Burkey, but he was a talented footballer

4. Best trainer -

Niall McCabe set the standard. Robbie McCrave and Paddy Hearty were very competitive but the best trainer for me is Alan Martin, Ala