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Gaels Past & Present - Derek Crilly

Derek Crilly looks at his time so far in Blue & White

Derek Crilly in action in the Paddy Sheelan Cup

1. First memory of the club -

Playing for Carrick Road against Glenmuir Hill Street in the Gaels and managing to score a few goals on Stephen Faulkner. They couldn’t beat us for a few years so eventually had to join up at U-13.

2. Biggest GAA influence -

My dad was very encouraging of playing all sports and never misses a game. Niall Lambert also kept so many of us playing. He wouldn’t pass you in the car with out fist pumping out the window and his passion enthusiasm for the Gaels is incredible.

3. Worst trainer -

100% Bucky. Also the worst dressed at training and would often stroll in a 8.05pm wearing some desperate looking basketball shorts and jersey.

4. Best trainer -

So many good trainers over the years and managers who put us through our paces. Jp O Kane’s 5,4,3,2,1 laps sorted out a few men and some lads still haven’t recovered from the mountain runs with Lenny Harbinson. Going to give this one to Sean Fee. He would have shin splints or some other injury from January to June but as soon as championship was on the horizon he would be in top form and always seemed to perform in big games. Can call him the smartest trainer.

Derek playing for Louth against Dublin

5. Funniest team mate -

Definitely Sean McCann. He’s wasted in the tax office and reckon he could make a career for himself in the entertainment industry.

6. Favourite pitch -

O Moore Park, Portlaoise.

7. Most memorable win -

Leinster final in 2004. Great feeling winning in front of a big crowd down the Gaels.

8. Favourite sportsperson -

Yaya Toure/Sergio Aguero

9. Your having a dinner party, Three people you'd invite -

Pep Guardiola, Shane Lowry, Freddie Flintoff

Derek playing in a Senior Championship match against the Geraldines



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