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Dundalk Gaels - Your club in your community

Dundalk Gaels in the Community - Day 1

We are all looking forward to the return of football in the Ramparts for all of our players and supporters in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime we have undertaken a picture essay, Promoting the different area's within our catchment around the town. We will be posting a Daily photograph over the coming weeks on all our social media channels. You can also follow the full journey on the website. We have tried to include the name of every family on the photographs that we could think of, but apologies if we miss any out. We are starting with the Avenue Road today.

Dundalk Gaels in the Community - Day 2

Up next for today’s catchment area is Glenwood. Plenty of great Gaels families have come from here over the years.

Dundalk Gaels in the Community - Day 3

Today’s catchment, Carlinn Hall/ Court/ Drive a growing Gaels area in the town