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Gaels Past & Present - Sean Murray

Sean Murray

1. First memory of the club -

Training in the Friary Youth hall when I was 6. It was probably the first Gaels “nursery”. I remember the lights went out one evening and it was a free for all.

2. Biggest GAA influence -

That would be Dad. From right at the start until now he’s brought through so many players in the club.

3. Worst trainer -

A few of the lads have gotten called out here despite being unlucky with injuries, so I’m going to say Oisin.

4. Best trainer -

We’ve a lot of good trainers in the club but I’d say Jordan Keating. He never misses a session and is always pushing himself in training.

5. Funniest team mate -

We’ve a few comedians in the club but I’d say Raffo.

6. Favourite pitch -

St. Tiarnachs Clones. We played a lot of friendly matches in Louth and the neighbouring counties at minor that year.

7. Most memorable win -

We beat the Mary’s by about 20 points in the minor league. They had 5 starters on the Louth minor team and we’d no players on the panel so it was nice to prove a few people wrong. Think John Byrne scored a hat-trick that day.

8. Favourite sportsperson -

In Thomas Tuchel we trust

9. You’re having a dinner party, three people that you'd invite -

Tom Brady, Pat McAfee, Shane Lowry



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