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Gaels Past & Present - Peter O'Kane

1. First memory of the club -

Walking up the railway tracks on a sunny day being greeted by Tony Coleman or Father Kane at the Gaels. May Quigley serving tea always smiling. Also I thought the senior team were giants, Big Packey, Davy McDonnell, Smiler, all great Gaels

2. Biggest GAA influence -

My parents, Mam for letting myself and Dad follow Derry in my teen years watching Anthony Tohill and Joe Brolly in Celtic Park, Clones and Croke park. In the Gaels every manager from Peter Fee with the juniors to Danny Culligan with the seniors, they gave up time to create specials memories win, lose or draw.

3. Worst trainer -

I don't believe there is a bad trainer, just lads who are talented or focused in other areas. Civil servants talk highly of a young Burkey in his work place ...

4. Best trainer -

In the early days, Harpo and the Bull, two diesel engines with a smile. I remember Coley was great at practicing frees. All worked hard at what they were best at. Derek, Jamie and Mahoney deserve credit, I think they've to behave and work harder now as the game moves quicker.

5. Funniest team mate -

When unknowingly being influenced by David Coleman and Colin Moran, Everytime I think off or see this man I giggle, Scuds creates moments by doing or saying crazy stuff, our kid please don't ever change.

6. Favorite pitch -

Of course the Ramparts, the surface was like a snooker table. I have a soft spot for Clones, so many great memories meeting Dad's friends and family watching any Gaa match.

7. Most memorable win -

Intermediate final 2007, we were the underdogs and people expected us to fail. I sealed the deal with a goal from an amazing pass from Derek Crilly in the final minutes, wink wink Derek. Great team performance that day.

8. Favourite sportsperson -

Pele, with my grandfather Jim we always watched old videos of Pele with club and Country. Imagine Pele for the Gaels

9. Your having a dinner party, three people you'd invite -

Gene Rice, Danny Culligan and Doc from back to the future. Gene and Danny would build as many tables and chairs as possible while Doc would bring as many past and present Gaels to the party....



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