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Gaels Past & Present - Paul Lynch

Former Player and manager Paul Lynch looks back on his time in blue and white

Paul Lynch

1. First Memory of the club -

Like many the hut when playing with Hill street in the street league, initially just at the front then progressing inside where the big boys gathered , the snooker table and the pot belly stove.

2. Biggest GAA influence ,-

There is two answers to this for me, firstly for many of my generation it has to be Joe McNally, Joe’s texting messaging was getting on the bike and calling to doors, he even travelled as far as the Merches for one particular budding footballer, a legend.

Secondly what keeps me around past my sell by date is my admiration for everyone who steps over the wall and takes on under age teams and encourages the new generation around the club, we are very lucky.

3. Worst trainer -

I think I will take Mickey Matthews tack on this one and say myself slow in

pace and lacking stamina I worked hard to make everyone else look good

4 Best Trainer -

I have always admired free kick takers no matter how much the game changes you still need someone who sits the ball down and kicks it over the bar, three men to mention Kevin Barry, Jarlath McCabe and David Coleman (Coley), but the man that stands out among many good trainers is Martin Harvey always thought Martin was ahead of his time.

5. Funniest Teammate -

I always thought Kevin Little had a way about him, in modern times Robbie Mc Crave and Walter always bring a smile to my face.