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Gaels Past & Present - Paddy Hearty

Former players and current juvenile coach Paddy Hearty reflects on his time in Blue & White

Paddy Hearty

1. First Memory of the club -

I took a detour before arriving at the Gaels, so my first memory as a Gaels clubman would be a players meeting that Paul Lynch invited me to. I was made feel very welcome straight away by all the lads particularly Martin Harvey and Ray Rooney.

2. My biggest GAA influence -

Would be my late Dad Mattie. He was Gaels and Louth crazy and my earliest memories are going to Gaels and Louth games all over the County and Country. He was so calm and placid at games. I am lucky to have inherited that from him.

3. Worst trainer -

I was never a great trainer myself so if you were behind me in the laps or sprints you were pretty poor.

4. Best trainer -

Martin Harvey is definitely the best trainer I trained with. From the minute he walked in the gate until he walked out after a session he give it everything.

5. Funniest team mate -

Robbie McCrave was very funny in the dressing room . I always enjoyed a laugh with Robbie before and after training.

6. Favourite Pitch -

The Gaels field is very hard to beat but the Grove in Castlebellingham was a ground that I always loved playing in.

7. Most memorable win -

The 2003 Intermediate Final against the Oliver Plunketts in the previously mentioned Grove is easily my most memorable game. The conditions were horrible it lashed rain throughout but I don't think anyone even noticed the rain after the pre match speech JP O'Kane give us in the dressing room. You could hear a pin drop. We were not going to lose after that . I remember we were well on top in the first half but the second half was a different story and it felt like the longest half ever. A fantastic feeling at the final whistle and a brilliant night in the Vinegarmans followed.

Paddy in action during the 2003 Intermediate final

8. Favourite sportsperson -

I am showing my age on this one, Jack O'Shea and Kenny Dalglish .

9. Your having a dinner party, Three people you'd invite -

My ideal dinner party guests would be Jurgen Klopp, Barack Obama and Kevin Bridges. With guests like that I could sit back and just listen. No need for me to talk, which suits a man of few words.



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