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Gaels Past & Present - Gary Shevlin

Gary Shevlin

1. First memory of the club -

It was a Friday evening down the Gaels, I was with my Granda Paddy watching my Brother Conor train and I was asked to join in and play the game at the end and I ended up being back each week after that for a bag of crisps and a bottle of cadet, That’s were it all started.

2. Biggest GAA influence -

I found this the toughest question out of them all but after thinking long and hard about it, I am gonna go with Scuds “R Kid” Coleman here. Those 2 goals in 2003 will never be forgotten “Nor be aloud to be forgotten” doesn’t talk that much about them.

3. Worst trainer -

This has to be Gog, I don’t know were all the lads are getting Burkie from for this one.

4. Best trainer -

Has to be David "The Mongo" Moloney, the man does not know when to stop.

5. Funniest team mate -

There is a fair few characters within the dressing room/pubs but I have split this one between Adrian Rafferty and Sean McCann, the two boys are great to have about the place for the crack but are also two lads that aren’t afraid to let lads know when the effort isn’t being put in.

6. Favourite pitch -

The Gaels pitch. Tony