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Gaels Past & Present - Eamonn Kenny

I was a late starter to the Gaelic but first memory was the blitz in Drogheda when every team would parade through the town in their club colours before playing matches in the county grounds

2 Biggest GAA influence -

Kevin Stanley a teacher in the Friary school without him I don't think id play Gaelic at all.. Niall Lambert would've been up there but he didn't play me in the 2007 intermediate final so he's not forgiven for that

3. Worst trainer -

Has to be Anthony mcsorley he was the expert at stopping drills when the manager wasnt looking and if we were training on a Sunday morning he'd never be there

4. Best trainer -

It's between two players Derek Crilly and David Moloney the two of them are unreal at training.. I never liked running after either of them.

5 Funniest team mate -

Seán mccann if hes not slagging someone he's doing impressions.. Jamie Faulkner aswell he's the biggest messer you'll ever meet

6. Favourite pitch -

I always loved playing championship in Dowdallshill but you can't beat the ramparts on a summers evening

7. Most memorable win -

Has to be the senior semi final against the martins in 2017 our first half performance that day was the best we've ever played but in usual Gaels fashion we scraped over the line by a point. Great feeling at full time

8 favourite sportsperson -

Chris Shields

9. Your having a dinner party, Three people you'd invite -

Jurgen Klopp, Christy Moore (I'd make him have a few pints) and Stephen Kenny



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