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Gaels Past & Present - David McComish

David McComish

1. First memory of the club -

Getting lifts to training from our neighbour Niall Lambert who put in serious graft to muster 4 senior players from a poor team in the early days. Bottles of cadets and crisps in the clubrooms after matches helped and the Craic was always great.

2. Biggest GAA influence -

My family were my biggest influence, getting us involved in as many sports as time would allow. They wouldn't miss a match and would always encourage us to honour our commitment to whatever teams we played with. I always looked up to my brother Jonathan too who made good inroads in the GAA making the louth minors and senior championship appearances for the "Noisy Neighbours" before moving to England at age 18. Niall Lambert deserves a lot of credit for getting me and so many others involved in the club over ther years too.

3. Worst trainer -

I was thinking of using this to defend a few of the front runners from previous weeks. I don't think Burkey has missed a season in my time with the seniors and has even expanded his skill set to goals to help us in a time of need. He might have missed a few pre seasons though... The Gog has been plagued with injuries for upwards on 10 years now but I remember before that I used to hate marking him at training and plenty of people would agree that he was the stand out player in the 2007 season, the last time we won a championship.

4. Best trainer -

Starting off with the Gaels I always admired Niall Mc Cabe and Martin Harvey for their dedication to training and their athleticism while Dilla and Robbie gave us a serious education in holding on to the ball in the tackle.

Malo and Crilly are at the top of the current crop for all round trainers and Jamie has squeezed out a few extra years on his dodgy knees with all the training he's done!

5. Funniest team mate -

There are so many rockets in the dressing room it's hard to name one. Smic is always conducting the laughs and scuds and raffo are always in the thick of it! The gog is one of the funniest men I know though and we had some Craic together travelling in 2009.

6. Favourite pitch -

The Gaels is easily the best pitch in the county - can't wait to get back down to it in the weeks ahead.

7. Most memorable win -

Has to be the semi final win against the Martin's. A great 1st half and then to hang on when it looked like it might slip away. A great feeling.

David McComish in action against Naomh Mairtin

8. Favourite sportsperson -

Roy Keane

9. Your having a dinner party, Three people you'd invite -

Team bonding with Cocktail sausages and chips down in Byrnes would be fantastic after a long absense

David McComish in action in the Ramparts



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