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Dundalk Gaels Past & Present - Dylan McKeown

Up and coming young senior player Dylan McKeown, talks about his time in blue and white so far

Dylan paying against the Joes in last years Senior Championship

1: First memory of the club -

It was going down to training when I was 4, playing with the U6's. I think I must have played three years U6's. That was the start with Paddy Hearty and Niall Lambert, that were great coaches all throughout my years playing juvenile football.

2: Biggest GAA influence -

Dad (Derek McKeown)

3: Worst Trainer -

Having played on the same team for a couple of years at underage and now, It has to be Thomas O'Connell. He would do anything to get out of running.

4: Best Trainer -

There is a few but I would have to say Derek Crilly for just everything he does wheter it be running or the skills aspect left foot or right foot.