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Dundalk Gaels / St Malachy's BNS Blitz

Thursday June 10th was a very special day in St Malachy's BNS as we partnered with Dundalk Gaels GFC to bring together a GAA Day!! The day was organised by staff at St Malachy's BNS and Ciarán Culligan from Dundalk Gaels GFC. Throughout the day, classes used the full of the Friary field for warm up drills then moved onto their class blitz. It was fantastic to see the array of colour from clubs all around the town and county. Some of our volunteers and current Dundalk Gaels GFC players included past pupils of the school, such as Ciarán Culligan, Derek Crilly, David Moloney, Luke Murray and John Byrne. It is a privilege and an honour to have these boys back coaching and refereeing the future of GAA. A huge thanks to all the teachers and Gaels GFC volunteers who worked so incredibly hard to make today's GAA Day a huge success. A special thanks to Ciarán Culligan who has been coaching the boys for most of the year.

"On behalf of Dundalk Gaels I would like to thank all the teachers and pupils of St Malachy's BNS, especially Principal Mr Farrell and Mr O'Connell for all their help throughout the year. Schools and the GAA play vital roles within the community. The Friary and Gaels have a long association and to cement that even further through the coaching programme was a privilege. I really enjoyed my time playing gaelic with St Malachy's under the guidance of Mr Stanley and it was great to see the buzz in the Friary field and pupils showing of their skills last Thursday" Said Ciaran Culligan of Dundalk Gaels.

Anyone wishing to join can contact Niall on 0866349077



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